Installation Ceremony

The time when the hands that govern the club are changed.


    Club Babylon

  • DATE

    July 22, 2017


    Club Service Avenue

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Installation ceremony is one of the most important events for any cub. It marks the journey of a particular year is about to start with new ideas, projects, and new ways to increase the fellowship in our clubs.
The installation ceremony was held on 22nd July, 2017 in Club Babylon. This year was to be handled and is being handled by Rtr Maharshi Soni and Rtr Munjal Patel both taking their responsibilities above than anything else as president and secretary respectively. The event kicked off with the new members coming up and promising to help out in all possible ways. Next came the board of directors of the club promising to do as directed by the President and the Secretary of the club. With ideas running in the back of their minds, the President and the Secretary of the club took the oath of following the guidelines setup.

The Installation ceremony being printed in a famous local newspaper.